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Ghazalat Tourism

Throughout all great civilizations that embraced Egypt, Siwa has been a pilgrim center to the Oracle Temple of Amun, or Zeus-Jupiter, where among many other legendary Pharaonic, Greek, and Roman figures, Alexander The Great, was initiated son of Zeus ... and saviour of Egypt, following the footsteps of his ancestors, as it was told, prominent Hercules and Perseus…

Taziry has been built at the footstep of the famous Red Mountain of Siwa, facing the magnificent White Mountain; overlooking the vast Gary Lake, and the timeless dunes of the Great Sand Sea. At Taziry, we provide a unique return to nature experience, where one can truly since this magical energy of Siwa.
Through vernacular architecture, following the ancestral Siwan method of construction, Taziry figures as only an extension of the surrounding natural environment. Taziry, which means “full-moon” in the Siwan language, brings about the splendor of the sky, for we only use candles inside the rooms, or oil lamps and torches outside, giving the place a rousing poetic atmosphere.
A genuine solid waste management is undertaken in the village. Organic waste is disposed of to animals or used as compost, sewage is treated through an engineered wetland, and inorganic waste is segregated and sent for recycling.