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The Arab Republic of Egypt is considered one of the best countries in the world that enjoys a unique geographical location in the middle of the world, the meeting point of the three ancient continents.


Egypt's unique geographical location resulted in easy travel to Egypt by air, land, and sea from all countries of the world, with the availability of many international airlines that have regular flights daily and regularly at very reasonable prices, and also the availability of many international and local airports such as "Cairo Airport -" And Alexandria Airport - Sharm El Sheikh Airport - Hurghada Airport - Luxor Airport - Aswan Airport, which provides services around the clock, as well as the availability of regular domestic flights daily, which are provided by the national company, EgyptAir, which is a key factor in Egypt's excellence in the field of sports camps .


The climate of the Arab Republic of Egypt is characterized by being a stable climate with medium temperatures, cold and humidity. All this helped divide Egypt into several distinct climatic regions, so Egypt is located in the arid tropical region, with the exception of the northern parts that enter the temperate green zone, which has a climate similar to the climate region The Mediterranean Sea, which is characterized by heat and drought in the summer months and moderation in the winter, with little rain that increases on the coast, which is one of the most important reasons for the success of any camp or sporting activity, and to achieve maximum benefit for the players and the technical staff, especially during the winter season characterized by warm sunny weather during the day.


The Arab Republic of Egypt enjoys the safety and kindness of its people, as the Arab Republic of Egypt is famous for its high safety rates known worldwide in terms of free movement and transactions within the country, as well as the presence of professional police forces that impose security and safety throughout the beloved Egypt.


Also, the Egyptian people are known to be very friendly and hospitable, and they welcome in a very special way all the guests.


Egypt has an infrastructure and sports infrastructure of stadiums and training fields covering all cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially the cities famous for the camps such as Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Port Said and other cities, according to international standards, as well as a huge global road network constructed according to international standards, which connects all city axes in all directions, which It causes short distances, saves time, and ease of movement within the Republic of Egypt, with an element of complete security and safety available on all roads and axes of the republic.


The Arab Republic of Egypt is distinguished by its sports supremacy at the regional and global level in some collective and individual games, including football, and it provides contact with famous Egyptian teams such as Al-Ahly, Zamalek, and Ismaili clubs and others, especially the handball game, which is considered Egypt's supremacy in it globally, especially after the youth team won the World Cup and the national team Al-Shabab is third, and Egypt is organizing the 2021 World Cup.


And also the champions of individual games, especially squash, as all of the world's top ranked men and women are Egyptian.


As well as other games that Egypt is famous for, which makes the camp have important technical benefits in developing the technical and physical level of the athletes coming to Egypt.


The appropriate financial cost for sports camps in the Arab Republic of Egypt compared to its counterparts in the countries of the world where all levels of hotels are available in terms of level and price cost with the provision of a high-end hotel level because the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Travel strictly controls the level of services provided by hotels and resorts with the distinction of the Arab Republic of Egypt in general The cheapest prices for other services such as transportation, playgrounds, restaurants, treatment centers and any other expenses.



The Arab Republic of Egypt enjoys the availability of many places of entertainment and their diversity, such as the historical Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic and modern places such as the pyramids, the Sphinx, museums, palaces, castles and temples, as well as modern places such as the famous restaurants, the Nile River, malls and many places that make Egypt truly a unique country.


One of the best sports camp resorts such as Movenpick 6th of October, Swiss Inn Hotel, Mercure Ismailia Hotel, Al Forsan Hotel in the Crocodile Lake, Radisson Burj Al Arab Hotel, Tulip Burj Al Arab Hotel, Tulip El Narges Hotel, Tulip El Galaa, Tulip Alexandria Hotel, Concorde Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh , And hotels El Gouna, and the Maritim Jolie Ville Hotel Luxor, and other hotels are available in all cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Sports alcohol services:

  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.
  • Hotel accommodation system (full board) that includes three meals and drinks during meals, according to the required budget.
  • Special services for the camp, including a swimming pool, gym, saunas, jacuzzi and meeting rooms.
  • Training fields and training halls according to the game, all of which are in accordance with international standards.
  • A special meeting room for the team, according to the schedule sent before the team's arrival.
  • Any medical advisory requirements in all specialties or therapeutic rehabilitation centers.
  • Facilities for the team throughout the day and its mission is to facilitate the team’s mission and provide the best conditions for the camp.
  • Providing any friendly matches required and according to levels and by prior agreement before the arrival of the team.
  • A modern model bus available with the team every day to deliver the team to the training ground in the event it is far from the hotel or to play friendly matches.

• An entertainment program for the team according to their desire, such as visiting historical places or the most famous malls and famous landmarks in the city