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Golden Horn Island

It is one of the most important gathering spots for seagulls in the world, and is considered one of the most important geological, environmental and tourist sites. It is also included in the lists of the Masar Agreement as an important site for birds, as through it, the movement and evolution of birds are studied.


It is the "Golden Horn Island" located in the western part of Lake Qarun in Fayoum Governorate. An island that is considered a center for the gathering of migratory birds, but it has resident birds such as: mountain or wild pigeons, and hook bird. Also, seven skeletons of whales, and fossils of vertebrate animals had been found. Based on what was revealed by the excavations of the Egyptian archaeological mission in 1909 AD, it can be said that the first human settled on this island since prehistoric times, passing through the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman and even Islamic eras, where traces were found that included fishing tools, knitting, ornaments, primitive caves, and coins and parts of dishes bearing the name of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Zafar, necklaces of precious stones, and others.


It is worth noting that this island served as a resting place for King Farouk, but he used to practice hunting for migratory birds and wild deer on it.