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New Valley Archeology Museum

A museum that opened on February 17, 1993, and was built on an area of 3,150 square meters, and contains 4,087 artifacts, between display and storage, dating from prehistoric times to the modern era. It is the New Valley Archeology Museum.

The New Valley Archeology Museum is located in Kharga. It consists of three floors to display its antiquities. Among these holdings: a group of prehistoric artifacts, including stone pots, knives, and shadow scrapers, there is also a rare collection of statues and funerary paintings belonging to the rulers of the oases. Astraka and ornaments, and a group of stuffed birds and animals, we also find Pharaonic paintings that were found in the area of the Dabba forts in Balat, and statues of the god Horus, as well as a group of pottery vessels from the Coptic era, and others.

This was a simple overview of the New Valley Archeology Museum, and more you will discover by visiting it.