Articles Sightseeing Cairo University - The Grand Ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom , also called the Cairo University Dome or the Dome Building, is a major ballroom in Cairo University , Egypt . Founded in 1935, it is also a unique architectural building. Ali is designed for Western style in the form of a very huge dome covered with green color on the outside, and it is located at the main entrance to the university next to the university administration building and the clock .

hemisphere with a height of 52 m. Characterized by Cairo University as a symbol of the university, this dome ends with a group of windows in all directions to extend the hall by natural light. [2]

At the main entrance to the hall - the hall - we find its walls characterized by the same architectural character of the hall itself, where cultural seminars and art exhibitions are held for the cultural and artistic season of the university, and the hall includes the main hall, the first floor, and the second floor, and accommodates about four thousand spectators, and the main hall contains Radio room and translation room equipped for simultaneous translation, which can be translated into seven foreign languages simultaneously.

Picture of the upper dome from inside the base of the major ceremonies
In view of the area of the hall, we find the main hall with a capacity of (1099) spectators, including 148 seats equipped with an interpreter in the first rows, and the first round of (1269) spectators and the second floor of (1264) seats, and in the last decade the hall has been renewed and furnished "in Moquette" And equipped with the latest lighting and central air-conditioning.

The renovation works took into account the preservation of the distinctive engineering character of the hall and the architectural design, and the university logo and decorations are mounted on the sides with gold-plated sides. Under the stage there is a hall for the orchestra, as well as the main hall with two lights on the right.

Also attached to the hall is a booth prepared and equipped to receive the President of the Republic, including an equipped salon, a special seat for the President and a full crew, and on the walls there are decorations covered with gilded paper. There is also a hall with another salon intended to receive the ministers, and the university emblem is mounted on top of the hall, which represents the image of a Djehouti, or (berries) and the ancient Egyptians considered him the god of knowledge, wisdom and law - and he was designed in the form of a man with a bird's head holding a hand of a pen and a painting and ready to write and on his head a symbol of unity The Nile is in the old state. [2]

The most important events that I witnessed
The Cairo University's celebration hall has witnessed many important political and artistic events in Egypt's modern history. The late President Gamal Abdel Nasser was giving an annual political speech on the occasion of the "Flag Day" that Egypt still celebrates every year on December 21, which is the opening date of Cairo University in 1908, President Anwar Sadat went to her twice, and former President Mubarak visited her during the university's Diamond Day celebrations.

The Great Hall of Festivals also witnessed many artistic events, most notably "Meet the Clouds", which for the first time combined the voice of Umm Kulthum with the melodies of Abdel Wahab through the song "You Are My Life", which was strengthened by Kawkab Al Sharq in 1964 in this hall.

A picture of US President Barack Obama's speech in the hall in 2009
One of the important political events was a lecture given by former French President Jacques Chirac, on the sidelines of the opening of the French hospital in Kasr Al-Aini.

The visits concluded with President Barack Obama in June 2009, to be chosen at Cairo University to send a message to Muslims and the Arab world to confront extremism and spread peace in the world.

On June 30, 2012, the Military Council transferred power to President Mohamed Morsi in the Grand Ballroom of Cairo University.

Honorary doctoral celebrations
This hall witnessed the honorary doctorate grants to many international personalities such as:
* The first of them was King Farouk I in 1939
* Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, Prime Minister of Iran in 1951
* Kwame Nkrumah, President of the Republic of Ghana, in 1957
* Prince Norodom Sihanouk in 1959
* President Lieutenant General Ibrahim Abboud, President of Sudan in 1959
* King Mohamed V, King of Morocco in 1960
* Muhammad Zahir Shah, King of Afghanistan in 1960
* Dr. Zakir Hussain, Vice President of the Republic of India
President Bourguiba, President of Tunisia in 1965
* King of Morocco Hassan II in 1965
* President Charles Helou, President of Lebanon in 1965
* President Eduard Aukhab, head of the State Council of Poland in 1965
* President Teachers Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania in 1967
* French President Valerie Gascard d'Estaing in 1975
* President Jaafar al-Numayri , former President of Sudan, in 1982
* President Abdo Diouf of Senegal in 1985
* The international Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz in 1989
* American leader Jesse Jackson in 1989
* African fighter Nelson Mandela, president of South Africa in 1990.