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Statue of King Khafre

Located In the Egyptian museum Tahrir Square One of the most beautiful historical sculptures, found at the Wadi Temple of King Khafre in Giza.

The sculpture is carefully carved and with skill made with the green diorite material. It is 178 cm high and 57 cm wide. The statue represents King Khafre as he sits on the throne with confidence, wearing the royal neck known as the "Shindit", and the fake beard, and behind the head of the king stands the God Horus in the form of a falcon with its wings wide open around the king as a symbol of protection, as the sides of the throne, were decorated with the drawing of "Samawi", which means the unification of the two lands, "the sea and tribal face", Note that the Horus falcon can only be seen from the side, but from the front of the statue, only the king's face can be seen.

King Khafre was the third or fourth king of the fourth dynasty in the ancient Egyptian state from (2559-2535.), and he is the king who built Giza’s second largest pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre.