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Khan ElKhalili
Khan ElKhalili
Khan ElKhalili
Khan ElKhalili

Khan al khalili is a place where you should add to the list of places that you intend to visit during Ramadan,
Due to its wonderful Ramadan atmosphere, it makes you feel warm. And if we go back together to the history of this place, we will find that it is more than six hundred years old, and it was founded by the sheikh of the merchants during the reign of al-Zahir Saif al-Din Barquq, and by the Mamluk prince "Gerkes al-Khalili", to be one of the oldest markets and places of old Cairo.

This prestigious place is located on a street parallel to Al-Muizz Ladin Allah El-Fatimi Street, and it contains two of Egypt's most famous Islamic mosques, " Al-Azhar and Al-Hussein". It is noteworthy that it was within the strategic area that contained the heart of the Fatimid state behind the small western palace, in which the Caliph al-Muizz Li Din Allah the Fatimi resided, and until now the paths of Khan al-Khalili carry the splendor of the Fatimids embodied in the facades of their buildings, most of which were built in the style of Fatimid architecture. However, it is known to have a unique architectural character that reflects the splendor and beauty of Islamic architecture through different eras.

Khan Al-Khalili includes more than a quarter, the most famous of which is “Al Silsilah, Al Silahdar.” We can notice that a quarter of Al Silsilah contains silver and gold artifacts that reflect the historical heritage, diamonds, and precious stones, whether local or imported, while the other quarter includes artifacts, papyrus papers and stained glass that used to decorate windows. Besides these quarters, we notice that there are adjacent stores, each store is for the manufacture of one of the handicrafts such as engraving on copper, making carpets, glass lamps, and others. It also contains historical clothes and accessories that the acting professionals buy for use in their work.

In addition, as you walk between the shops and quarters of Khan Al-Khali, your nose will smell some unfamiliar perfumes, such as the scent of "waal elmesk" extracted from the blood of male deer, the smell of "amber" extracted from the belly of an amber whale, and others.
It is worth noting that one of the most important monuments of the Khan, "El mosafer khana", which became a studio for artists after it was a hotel with many rooms built in the Islamic style.

In the end, we must not forget the reference to the most famous cafes in the Khan, which is “Al-Fishawi Cafe”, which was considered a meeting point for the elite of society, including artists, intellectuals, and writers, such as Sayed Darwish, Salama Hijazi, Hafez Ibrahim, and others.