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Magic Lake
Magic Lake
Magic Lake

Dear readers, let's start our series by talking about a lake, if you visit it, it will fascinate you with its beauty. This lake is known as the "enchanted lake", and it was called this because the color of its water changed seven times throughout the day, so that every time you go to it, you find it in a different color!

We find that the Bedouins called it the "lake of wishful thinking", and the secret behind this name is that they think that the waters of this lake are capable of fulfilling their wishes, as they swim inside it, and after leaving the water they throw some stones into the water of the lake and pray for whatever they want, thinking that they will God will bring them what they wish.
The lake is also known for its ability to treat orthopedic and rheumatic diseases, because its water contains useful minerals, so we find that when tourists go to it, they heal with these mineral waters.

The fun thing is, you can camp on the lake shore for a day, during which you can snorkel and enjoy the sight of the coral reefs, or you can ski on the water, or just sit and enjoy the lake in front of you.

And if you intend to visit it, it is located in the Ras Mohammed reserve in Sharm El-Sheikh, and it has an area of about 480 square kilometers.
Finally, we want to know if you've heard of this lake before or not?